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Friday, 14 June 2013 14:18

Förchensee is a lake situated in a nature conservation area just south of Ruhpolding in Bavaria, around two hours southeast of Munich. This beautiful trout lake with its pristine, crystal clear water shimmering in shades of turquoise and emerald green, has been a long kept secret amongst the fly fishing community. Rising fish leave rings on the often mirror-flat surface of the slowly flowing water, fascinating both nature lovers and fly fishers alike.

Förchensee covers approximately 4 hectares and offers some of the finest still water fly fishing available. Brown trout, rainbow trout and the occasional char can be caught from the banks or fishing from a belly boat. A large part of the shoreline of this 4-5 meter deep lake can be accessed wearing waders. This fly fishing only water carries some trophy trout, so be prepared to catch the fish of a lifetime. The abundant insect life is made up of mayflies, sedges, dragonflies, midges and stoneflies with minnows and bullheads providing the diet necessary for fish to grow to healthy proportions. I had a great time there and caught my first char on fly. Among my images you will see the river flowing into the lake itself.

Andre Pollow

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