Reader's reviews on my Books

Have just finished your delightful book. The best non didactic fly fishing treatise I have read since Robert Travers Trout Madness. Enjoyed it like a 20 year old single malt, slowly over a long period of time as this the best time to be on the streams here in Pennsylvania. 
- Mark Morici (USA)

I've never met you in person, and yet feel like I know you through the pages of your various books. Your love for fly fishing, and nature generally is an inspiration, and somehow you manage to make the mundane riveting.

A big thank you, may your pen never dry out, and your lines stay taut.
- Mike Wise.

You have made a really big impact on my love for fly fishing through your books and I really enjoy reading them   - probably for the fifth time!
- Richard Marshall

Thank you so very much for the drawing in the book. I am not sure what I expected, but it exceeded any expectation I might have had. This book has shot to the top of the list of my favourite books on fishing and hunting. Thank you for writing books and sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.
- Bennie Naudé

I thought Shadows on the Stream Bed was great. I love hearing the stories of all the places you have fished and especially your tales of fishing New Zealand and your chapter on "Fly in fishing". Your descriptions of the places you have visited and friends you fish and stay with paint a great picture of what fly fishing is all about. Not just the actual fishing part.

I look forward to your next book and I do hope you will have a couple of hard copies available. 
- Greg Goosen (UK)

You will not believe me the number of people who asked me why after the fast living, fast sliding life of a rally driver that I chose Trout Fishing which started with a little book written by John B and later your first book.

 All I can say is that every lunch they ask me more about "touting" and I keep suggesting that they try and get hold of ALL your books - not only are you a brilliant author - able to transfer what you experience into words, but they ALL make a person relax before drifting into sleep!
- Andrew Carter (Australia)

I was able to purchase a copy of Shadows on the Streambed which has proved a valuable source of inspiration and I have only now managed to finish reading it. Chapters were sneaked in to and from Canberra or Sydney as I travelled to various meetings but the book brought back so many memories. My only regret is that it’s not a signed copy.
- Len Olyott (Australia)

I really enjoy your work. It ALWAYS makes me wish I was there!
- Morne Smit

Just a quick word to let you know I have received your book and am reading it at a pace as though driven by a stiff south Easter. Many thanks for having signed it.

Your style of writing evokes a feeling of kinship in me and simultaneously makes me feel as though I have lost out a lot and that there is not enough time left anymore to become even a modest fly fisher. You and your mates are aces.
- Tony Anthony

I hope that you have a new book in progress. After I read your books I always find the rest of the fly fishing authors rather boring and bland!
- Ian Rothbart

Just a short mail to let you know I have finished Shadows on a Streambed (as I have all your other books) and thought you might want to know that it provided me with hours of endless pleasure. My wife asked a few times why I am reading with a smile on my face! Particularly the chapters on Rhodes which I have fished many times and South Island which I have had the privilege of fishing once reminded me of experienced I have had.
- Jean Nel

Tom last night I finished reading Shadows. I had deliberately read it slowly, savouring it over a long period of time. You really have identified shared and made visible that about our sport that dwells in the ether.

Thank you for bring that magic from the waters the tying bench the company shared and from behind the lens and sharing it .

I wish you many more happy years enjoying your favourite places and people.
- Ken Bateman

Thanks very much for sharing all your fishing life with me, and of course many others, in your latest book, “Shadows on the Stream Bed”. There are chapters in it that I have never found elsewhere and I have enjoyed them all. Every page has something that most anglers can relate to, which is probably why your writing is so popular and a friend of mine asked why I didn’t write like that!   
- Jim Hartley (UK)

I would just like to add further praise to what I am sure is already an impressive list of people raving about your new book. I received the copy you sent for me in perfect order and was as amazed as ever by the precision and fine detail in your fly sketch on the inside cover.

I have been a very unsociable night owl for the last week as putting the book down was not an option. Each stream description from KZN to the Cape could be a picture, the life given to a fly drifting through a run or the ghost like appearance of a fish in a pool is so apt that even my wife could not help but understand a flyfishers romance with more than just the fish. 

Thank you again, I will be sure to return to the pages of 'Shadows' a hundred times and as with 'My Way with a Trout', enjoy every page even more on each successive occasion. 
- Hylton Lewis

Last night I started reading Hunting Trout. We went to bed around 22H30 and I decided to just read a few pages before going to sleep.

So I opened the book and started reading.

I am telling you now you will never believe what happened! I was fly fishing in this beautiful crystal clear mountain stream when I decided to check the time, and realised that somehow it was now 01H30 am and I had to get up to go to work in three hours!

Hunting Trout is BRILLIANT, can’t wait to go fishing again tonight.
- Marnus Pretorius

I hope you are keeping well. I just wanted to let you know that I have just finished reading Shadows, and what a wonderful book it is. I thoroughly enjoyed every page, and for me there is no doubt it’s your best work to date.
- Shaun Futter

I recently finished your book Shadows on the Stream Bed which I really enjoyed and found the bit on photography very useful and I am sure I will be referring to it from time to time.
- Angus     

I finally received my limited edition of Shadows on the Streambed and managed to devour it over +-4 days. Just about to start reading it again. Congratulations on a magnificent piece of work. Once again your articles on the area around the Eastern Cape are incredible…
- Robin Douglas

Your wonderful book arrived and I have already read it through with great pleasure.   How much I regret we've never fished together.   So little is "lost" on you, to borrow a phrase from Henry James about the best writers.   I've sent a copy off to Joan (Wulff).  I'm positive she'll love it too.
- Nick Lyons (New York)

Hi Tom, I am really enjoying Shadows on the Stream Bed. It is truly as it says on the cover, you will only put the book down to go fly fishing…
- Derek Slabbert

Just thought I'll send you a quick email while I'm on the subject and busy enjoying your words on the couch in the lazy afternoon sun. Just to let you know that I love your book, like all the others. I haven't even taken a big bite out of it, but getting there. I am a bit of a slow reader, bit by bit I mean. There're a few laughs and a few "I know exactly what you mean" statements on every page. Thanks for the words that only you know how to express what we've all experienced on our streams. The good days, the "zero" days, the downstream breeze, the take that gives you goose bumps, etc. Like you've said, you will never know everything or reach the ceiling of fly-fishing. There will always be questions, how to better my approach and knowledge. I think this is why I am hooked, it's a constant thinking game, and excites the hungry mind. But it's funny how similar these questions are among us. Thanks again for what you've added to what we all enjoy and where I find my bliss.

HuntingTrout was immensely informative and by far the best fly fishing book I have ever read when it comes to stream craft. Your ability to capture the "intangibles" of stream fishing and translate them into words offers truly unique and informative insights. I have read many of the chapters numerous times and continue to do so on a regular basis.

Garth Nieuwenhuis

- Charl van der Merwe