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Monday, 10 June 2013 04:45


I just wanted to share some feedback on a trip to Highland Lodge last week, as I know that you will be heading that way soon.

Mange Bernards 1

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The best fishing was at Bernards Dam and Spurwing Dam. We fished Syds one of the afternoons, but not a take.

Mange Spurwing 3

Of the four days fished two were slow due a glacial front that hit on Sunday.

Nige Bernards 1

The wind was never under 25km/h NNW and most mornings were sub-zero.

Nige Spurwing 4

The average fish were 7 - 8lbs.

I also got to use the Rio - Hover for the first time. It was awesome knowing that you could cast out into/over the weeds with that slow sink rate. When retrieving you can also picture the fly at this super slow speed - sort of maximized fly exposure time with minimum snagging on the weeds. Most of the fishing we did was wading in or on the edge due to the wind; to me this is where the true pleasure of the Hover line come in.

Steve Spurwing 2

 Anyhow, it was awesome to see the fish in perfect condition again at Highland Lodge.

 (Highland Lodge has had a lot of exposure in my recent newsletters. It is situated midway between Molteno and Dordrecht in the Eastern Cape. See http://www.highlandlodge.co.za/

Tom Sutcliffe )

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