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Fly Fishing


Monday, 22 December 2014 12:07
I have one Abel TR 1(for 3/4 wt rods) & one TR  2 (for 5/6 wt rods) reels & spare spools for sale.These reels were purchased a few yrs back and used on one occasion only. They are BRAND NEW in 10/10 condition. No marks,scratches or blemishes. They are standard…
– Nick Taransky writes about the ephemeral but fabulous lowland streams in the Monaro region of the Snowy Mountains of Australia – Images are by Nick Taransky in a beautifully illustrated article where he describes these small streams as ‘hard, and technical, like the Henry’s Fork’, and says, he’s fished there…

Big crabs produce big trout by Ed Herbst

Monday, 24 November 2014 12:23
 South African fly fishers are fortunate in that the country’s rivers and dams are home to the Potamonautid river crab, the major food source for the otter and water mongoose. They are also relished by trout. They are, for example, a staple food source at Lakenvlei Dam near Ceres and…
  Barramundi on fly, the ethereal Witte River in the Western Cape, Edward Barder bamboo landing net and more …   The weather in Cape Town was tourist-perfect for a few days, right up until Robin Douglas and I fished last Wednesday when the doors that hold back the Cape’s…
The first field tests of the Simulid nymph – an imitation of the ubiquitous Black Fly larvae - have indicated that it is a promising pattern. In its current form it consists of four materials, black thread,  a metal or glass bead, fine black wire and UV light-cured resin tied…
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