• Highland Lodge trout 16

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  • On a DDD

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  • Chris Bladen - Highland Lodge country

    Chris Bladen - Highland Lodge country - Click the image to enlarge.

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Fly Fishing

  Barramundi on fly, the ethereal Witte River in the Western Cape, Edward Barder bamboo landing net and more …   The weather in Cape Town was tourist-perfect for a few days, right up until Robin Douglas and I fished last Wednesday when the doors that hold back the Cape’s…
The first field tests of the Simulid nymph – an imitation of the ubiquitous Black Fly larvae - have indicated that it is a promising pattern. In its current form it consists of four materials, black thread,  a metal or glass bead, fine black wire and UV light-cured resin tied…


Thursday, 23 October 2014 14:44
When the odds are against you, Andrew Apsey describes a fishing adventure on the Irfon River in Wales, spot the hidden trout, Andre van Wyk on fishing the Elandspad, fishing the whisky streams of the Western Cape from Greg Carstens and more…   The weather forecast for Thursday’s fishing last…


Saturday, 18 October 2014 14:06
It has been a fantastic summer in the UK and I have managed to fish several of the wonderful chalkstreams - the Kennet, Avon and the lesser known Wandle. Last month I spent a fantastic few days up in Wales fishing the River Irfon, a tributary of the Wye, and…


Saturday, 18 October 2014 06:33
Hosting two young hitch-hiking Canadians -  Yesterday Robin Douglas and I took two young Canadians (confusingly both named Matthew) up one of the Cape’s smaller mountain streams. It was a day when the water was pure crystal, nothing but 7X would do, the breeze was thankfully upstream and gentle and…

Ed Herbst on Big trout in Barkly East

Friday, 17 October 2014 16:32
‘If you want the best chance to visit large trout you have to go to their house.’ Jason Randall, Feeding Time – A fly fisher’s guide to what, where and when trout eat (Stackpole Books, 2013). I first visited Barkly East in 1992 to attend the Barkly Wild Trout Expo…
You will enjoy this book whether you like fishing or not, because the stories in it are so well written they belong more in the genre of true essays than simple angling tales. In fact, given the quality of the writing, the depth of interesting content and the frequent presence…
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