Monday, 08 July 2013 09:29

Better known to me as Rikki, this young man guided a friend and me in Iceland the year before last when he got both of us into heaps of salmon. He was a little bemused on that trip when one day I stuck my camera under water to take a few shots of a big fish. But he was clearly intrigued with the results. We’ve remained in contact ever since and I still rate him the best guide it has ever been my pleasure to fish alongside. This week he wrote to say:

Thanks to you and your inspiring moment on the Rangá with your camera I now love taking pictures under water. Among these pictures is an ice-age brown trout and very rare in our lakes, plus some char. This brown trout is 84 cm long and they can be up to 115 cm in Lake Tingvellir. We are trying to protect them and I was appointed Fishing Guard in the national park by the government. Best time to catch them is from April to June. Lake Tingvellir is my favourite lake and largest in Iceland and near my home. Tingvellir is on the UNESCO world Heritage list.

I have been efficient in salmon fishing this spring. 17 salmon were 75-90 cm caught in the Rangá
River. Also trout fishing in lake Thingvellir. I hope you think I am on track to capture images under water!

If you want to know more about Iceland’s rich fly fishing bounty, email Rikki on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pr see http://www.lax-a.net/.

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