The creative fly fishing photography of Gerhard Laubscher – Text by Tom Sutcliffe –

The creative fly fishing photography of Gerhard Laubscher – Text by Tom Sutcliffe –

Sunday, 22 November 2015 09:48

I am blessed with a few good friends who enjoy catching fish on the sensors of their cameras as much as taking them on a rod and line. Billy de Jong, Darryl Lampert, Leonard Flemming, Gerrit Redpath, Ritchie Morris, Keith and Ian Douglas, to name just a few, are all creative South African fly fishing photographers whose work has either featured on my website, or in my newsletters, over many years. But one of the most creative of them all is Gerhard Laubscher, the CEO of Flycastaway, a hugely successful company specialising in guided trips to many Indian Ocean islands, South African and many other venues besides. (See .)

Gerhard and I have been friends for many years. In fact, he joined me on much of my tour of this country promoting Hunting Trout when it first came out in 2002.  He uses Canon 7D and 5D Mk 111 camera bodies and Canon lenses, including the 50 mm f/1.2 and the incomparable 70 – 200 mm f/2.8.

Here are some examples of Gerhard's recent work, posted in the hope that if you aren't able to get out fishing, at least viewing these pictures will provide you with something of an alternative!

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1 Ger Laubscher photos 9

2 Ger Laubscher photos 3

3 Ger Laubscher photos 4

4 Ger Laubscher photos 1

5 Ger Laubscher photos 7

6 Ger Laubscher photos 10

7 Ger Laubscher photos 13

8 Ger Laubscher photos 2

9 Ger Laubscher photos 8

10 Ger Laubscher photos 5

11 Ger Laubscher photos 1

12 Ger Laubscher photos 11

Gerhard recently married Marike and lives in Johannesburg – when he's not off fishing some exotic destination around the world!

FH Gerhard Marike 312

Marike and Gerhard

For more images from Gerhard's camera see

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